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Scott A Smith, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Sound Mixer, Editor.

Debbie Jensen, Producer/ Writer/ Creator/ Still Photography/ Power Point and Webmaster 

Scott established LB Productions in 2001, as a film and television Production Company. 
Recently relocating to Oregon after 30 years working in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.
            LB Productions produced content listed below 


Feature Films: 

Sick-N-Contagious, A Zombie Feature Film, now in post production

Reality Show Pilots :

Project Toyota MR2 - Applying a body kit in ones own garage with an ace mechanic teaching how to.

Quest for the Ultimate Knight - Jousting,Sword fighting and other Medieval games for a $100,00.00 Grand Prize 

Grass root Racing - Car racing for beginners, starting with the pony stock 

Home Poker Party Tour - Texas hold em is the game played all over the country for a $100,000.00 Grand Prize

Short Films :

Affecting the Lives of Millions - 48 Hour National Film Challenge - 2009

Soprano’s Begin 

Jamie's Got a Friend

Leap of Fate 

Soup Ladle

Documentary :

The Silent Option - Navy Seals Documentary,  Executive Producer  

DUI - DWII Consequences of the 1st Time Offender - THE RULES = Don’t Drink and Drive

Supreme Court Rules 99.99% the father  - In the courts for 20 years, finally child support was ordered.

HO Model Railroading - Larry Stark builds his dream HO model railroad.

Nature Videos :

Oregon Rivers and Creeks - One hour of the Cascades rivers and creeks natural Beauty

Oregon Sunrise to Sunset - One hour of beautiful Oregon sunrise to sunset

Travel & Reality :

Paris Unzipped - Six people have there own take on area’s around Paris, France. 

Fashion City - Looks at the fast growing fashion trends around the world. 

International Weddings - Hong Kong - Weddings are very different all over the world. 

Barbara Dally - Hands on Image - Makeup is important and how to apply it right. 

Music Videos :

The BMC’s ‘Go Down’

Tokyo Delve’s Sushi Bar 

Urban Rags

LANCIA  ‘Jimmy’


Honda and Polaris ATV's

Nissan Dealership -  Cerritos, California 

Below is Scott's resume of shows with other Productions Companies

Reality Television


T.I.'s Road to Redemption -  MTV

Pamela Anderson - girl on the loose - 'E' channel

Hollywood’s Love Affair with the Vampire 

The Next Great American Band - FOX

American Idol - FOX

On The Lot - FOX

Victoria Secrets 2007 Fashion Show 

Penn & Tell Bull Shit - Showtime

Tori & Dean “In Love” - "Home Sweet Hollywood" - Oxygen - WoW

Million Dollar Listing Season 2 - World of Wonder

Perez Hilton - World of Wonder

Phenomenon - NBC

Hell’s Kitchen - FOX

Destination Tennis - Tennis Channel

Award Shows : Red Carpet - Back Stage

2008 - Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

2008 - TV Land Awards

2006/2007  - Scream Awards - Spike TV

2007  - GLADD Awards

2007  - People’s Choice Awards

2006 - Grammy Awards - Back Stage Show Cam 

2006 - GLADD Awards 

2006 - MTV Movie Awards 

2006 - American Cinematography - Tribute to George Clooney 

2004 - Teen Choice Awards

2005 - VH1 Awards

2005  - American Cinematography - Tribute to Al Pacino

2006  - MTV Big Music Awards 

2006  - Image Awards

2005 - NWACP Awards

1987 - 2004 - Oscar’s

1995 - Country Music Awards 

1990 - Emmy’s 

1990 - MTV Award’s

Horror Hall of Fame -  Vincent Price, Roddy McDowell

Horror Hall Of Fame - Psycho: Anthony Perkins, Freddy Kruger, Robert England 

Promotions : 

Jurassic Ride Soaked-to-the-Bone - Universal Studios

Halloween Scare - Universal Studios

Chainsaw School - Universal Studios

Terror Tram Ride - Universal Studios

Back to the Future - Universal Studios

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy - King World - CBS Distribution 

2007 - Fall Affiliate Press Tour - FOX

Reality Television : 

Leonard Moulton - KNB EFx Group

EPK Kim Basinger - Insight Films

The Con Game  - Original Productions

Pilots : 

Loni Love Project/ Triage

Live, Laugh, Eat – Dawn Wells (Cooking Show) Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island

Laugh with Me (Hidden Camera)

Behind the Scenes :

The Simpson Movie / Café FX

Guitar Hero 4

Industrials : 

Richard Weylman Target Market Video - Sound Mixer

Bull Fashion Show - ENG Audio

Feature Films : Production Sound Mixer


Night Games - George Litto Productions

No Holds Barred - Hulk Hogan - W.W.F. Productions 

Wanted Dead or Alive - New World Entertainment

Silent Assassins - Action Brothers Productions

The Necromancer - Bonair Films 

The Killing Jar - Light and Shadow Productions

In Dangerous Company - Zuban Productions

Night Force - Star Cinema Films

The Freeway Maniac - Winter Tree Productions

The Comedy Marathon Movie - Winter Tree Productions

Dying Time - North American Film Fund

W.A.R. - Dalia Productions 

Going to Chicago - Poor Robert Productions

Murder One Murder Two - Burnhill Productions

Twenty Dollar Star - Poor Robert Productions

Body Count - Poor Robert Productions

Gypsy - Rex Productions

Hollywood Cop - Peacock Films 

Death Flash - Zarindast Productions

Dragonfly - Musical - Amethyst Productions

High Desert Scramblers 

Step Father II - Part II Productions

The Cellar - Indian Neck Entertainment

Trust Me - Trust Me Productions



Feature Films - BTS - Behind the Scenes - ENG Audio

Hollywood High

Air Force One 

Independence Day

Demolition Man

Jerry MaQuire 

Dracula Dead and Loving it

Pie in the Sky 


Trigger Happy 

Flintstones - Bedrock Productions / NBC

White Man’s Burden 

Get Shorty 

New Jack City 

Suburban Commando 

Movies of the week - Production Sound Mixer  

 Class Cruise - NBC 

 Dirty Business - USA Network

 Dreamer of 0Z - John Ridder - Larry A. Thomson Productions / NBC

 Nightmare on the 13th Fl. - Wilshire Court Productions / USA Network


Television Film Series - Production Sound Mixer 

Chain Letter - ABC Pilot 

Dinosaurs - Disney Productions

Eerie Indiana "series" - Hearst Entertainment / 19 Episodes


Television Commercials - Production Sound Mixer

 A day and Life of 

 America's Funniest People 

 Arsenio Hall Show 

 Anthony Perkins - Prevue Guide

 Any Thing But Love: Jamie Lee Curtis, John Ritter

 Babe's, Leslie Boone - Best Intensions

 Bette Midler - Show Time

 Bonnie Rait - Tiburon Productions 

 Cable T.V. Convention  - Prevue Guide

 Cheap Trick - Tiburon Productions,  A & M  Records

 Chernobyl the After Effects - Jon Voight

 Chris Cristopherson - Tiburon Productions 

 Circus of the Stars, David Sole, Dick VanPatten Canal + Hollywood Five

 Discovery Channel 

 Candid Camera 

 Chevy Chase Show


 Eye on LA 

 Front Page 

 Hard Copy 

 Headbangers Ball 

 House of Style

 Italian News Coverage of the Los Angeles Riot

 Jessie Jackson talk show pilot

 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

 Missing Reward

 Movie Magic

 MTV- Music & Movie Awards

 MTV- News

 New Detectives


 Nickelodeon The Kids Choice Awards

 Nickelodeon USA

 Multi years BTS Red Carpet Oscar & Emmy Awards

 Playboy Channel

 Preview Best of the new - Nightly News Magazine

 R.A.I. - Italian News 


 Rick Dees “ In to the night”

 Rock-n-Rio 2 - MTV News, YO, Headbangers Ball. Rio De Janerio, Brazil


 Showtime & HBO Promo's


 The Big Picture - MTV

 The Silent Option - Navy Seals Documentary, Sound & Executive Producer

 The Week in Rock - MTV 

 The Word

 Totally Hidden Video

 Trailside - PBS - Nova 

 United Kingdom Television 

 Unsolved Mysteries 

 What Happened

 Whoopi Goldberg's talk show pilot

  3 Women Married To Same Man - London Television BBC (PAL)

 Aaron Sorkin - Warner Brothers

 Adam Corolla - Burger King  Sign

 Alexandria Paul - Winning Women  / CF Entertainment

 Alice Cooper - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Alley McBeal

 American Idol "06" - “07” - Fox 

 Americas Got Talent

 Arachnophobia J. Sylvester - 24 Hour Productions BBC (PAL)

 Bangles  - Susanna Huffman - MTV News

 Barrett, Jackson Car Auction - Entertainment Studios

 Beautiful Homes Great Estates - Entertainment Studios 

 Big 05 Awards - MTV

 Big Daddy O - Yo MTV

 Big Picture - MTV Productions

 Bill Maher and Woody Herrelson Smoking  medical marijaunna

 Billy Idol -  MTV News

 BLING - MTV Productions

 Bob Newhart - TV Land

 Bobby  Brown - Record Party - MTV News

 Boy George - MTV News

 Breast augmentation operation  - Allison Augmentation - Film Garden

 BullShit - Showtime

 But Can They Dance - ABC

 Carol Burnett - Intimate Portrait 

 Carole Bayer Sager - Intimate Portrait  / Bravo

 Chasing Liberty 

 Direct TV Promo

 Chunky A - Arsenio Hall  - MTV News

 Cindy Crawford - MTV House of Style

 Collector of Famous Checks

 Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Cowboy University - Triage Productions

 Cream Magazine Party - L.E.G. Productions

 Crispen Clover - MTV ProductionsDallas, Patrick Duffy

 Dear John

 Down Home

 Ecology Awareness - Tiburon Productions 

 Ed Bagley Jr. - Tiburon Productions 

 Edi Adams - Prevue Guide

 Equal Justice

 Dianne. Warwick Aids Benefit - MTV News

 Dog Hit By Train - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Dorris Roberts - Intimate Portrait / Grant Entertainment

 Ed McMann & Robin Leach - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Edison - Larussa Cinephotography

 Elizabeth Taylor - Intimate Portrait  / Bravo

 Epic Games Convention E3 Conference  - MTV

 Every Women - Taryn Rose / Entertainment Studios

 Extreme A&M Party -L.E.G. Productions

 Faith No More - Concert - MTV News

 Family Fun 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - Disney

 Farrah Fawcett Book signing 

 Fiona - MTV News

 Fred Fantasia Film Restoration

 FX-2 - Making of the Sheman

 Gabriel's Fire - James Earl Jones

 Get A LifeHerb Albert - Tiburon Productions,  A & M  Records

 George Lopez

 Your Space

 Girl Friends Reunion 

 Unsolved Mysteries

 Great Estates of California - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Guns & Roses - MTV Headbanger's Ball

 Halloween  - Original Productions 

 Halloween Tram Tour Universal Studios

 Head Bangers Ball - MTV Productions

 Henry Winkler and Tom Bosely - Happy Days Reunion - TV land

 Holiday Madness Christmas Lights  - Original Productions - Discovery Channel

 Hollywood Squares Whoppi Goldberg productions - Henry Winkler - Chloe Productions - CBS 

 Holocaust Survivors Reunion - 4 Point Entertainment 

 House Wars - Phoenix,  AZ - FOX

 Howie Mandel - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Husband & Wife in R.V. - Nickelodeon 

 James Inez

 Jane Fonda - Tiburon Productions 

 Jane Kennedy - Sugar and Spice

 Jesse Jackson Talk Show - Premore Productions

 Jody Whatley - One Heart Corp

 John Lennon's 50th Birthday

 Kenny G

 In Search of Old Friend - Reunion - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Isabel Sanford - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Ivan Ironman Stewart - Toyota Pomotions

 Jack Jones & Robin Leach - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Jacklyn Smith - LaRussa Cinephotgraphy 

 Jacklyn Smith - Entertainment Tonight / NBC

 James Siking - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Jane Kalemarek- Intimate Portrait 

 Janet Jackson - L.A. Gear - MTV News

 Japanese Swords - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Jean-Claude Vandamme - MTV Productions

 Jennifer Connelly

 Live Like a Star

 Jeopardy - King World Promo

 Jill Clayborg - Intimate Portrait 

 Jimmy Kimmel Live - Documentary -12:05 Productions - Staff ENG Audio, 2 1/2 years, ENG Audio

 Joan Collins & Robin Leach - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Joan Cusack - Talk Show Pilot / Buena Vista 

 Joe Namouth - Rose Bowl / Mean Joe Green Spoof

 John Cougar Melloncamp - MTV The Big Picture

 John Forsite - Dallas Reunion - TV Land

 John Voight - TV Land

 Kathy Ireland Collections

 KPBS Racial Profiling Project 

 Kylie Mongue - Emi 

 Kenny G

 L.A. Law

 Life Goes On

 L.A. Guns - MTV The Week In Rock 

 L.A. Triathlon - Diabetes Association

 Life Moments - Pie Town Entertainment

 Lita Ford - MTV News

 Little Richard - MTV News

 Major Dad

 Married with Children

 Martin Sheen 

 Mathew & Gunner Nelson - Music Award

 Matlock Reunion -  Andy Griffin, Don Knotts

 Michael Bolton

 Mickey Rooney -Prevue Guide

 Miss Universe 1989 - Angela Visser - VH1

 Morgan Fox, 1990 Playmate of the Year  - Playboy Mansion - Trikilis Productions 

 Major Dad

 Married with Children

 Martin Sheen 

 Mathew & Gunner Nelson - Music Award

 Matlock Reunion -  Andy Griffin, Don Knotts

 Michael Bolton

 Mickey Rooney -Prevue Guide

 Miss Universe 1989 - Angela Visser - VH1

 Morgan Fox, 1990 Playmate of the Year  - Playboy Mansion - Trikilis Productions

 Madonna - Mega Artist Award - MTV News

 Mail Fraud - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Making of Finder Guitars - MTV News

 Man Killed After Party - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Man Who Ate His Boss - London Television BBC (PAL)

 Marcia Wallace - Intimate Portrait / Bravo

 Martin Mall

 Mary J. Bliage 

 McDonald House - CF Entertainment

 Meet my Folks

 Michael Jackson - L.A. Gear - MTV News

 Michael Jackson Rebuttal - Brad Lockman Productions

 Music Industry - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Naomi Judd - Intimate Portrait 

 Night Court Promo's New Zealand Television

 Norman Lear TV Land

 Norman Lear - Intimate Portrait - Grant Entertainment - BRAVO

 Norman Lear 80th Birthday - TV Night Court

 Olivia Newton John - Tiburon Productions

 Oliver Stone - The Doors - MTV News

 Pebble Beach Car Show - Entertainment Studios

 Pepsi Smash  2003/2004/2006 - MTV / ABC

 Plastic Surgery Original Productions

 Playboy Mansion

 Parent Hood - NBC Series - Promo's Port Charles - Promo - CBS

 Quincey Jones - Rogers & Cowan

 Quantum Leap

 Rap Against Gang Violence - MTV News

 Recipe TV - Entertainment Studios 

 RFK Assassination - Unsolved Mysteries

 Rico Swavey

 Robert Guilaume - TV Land

 Roseanne Barr - MTV The Big Picture

 S. Peretti 'President of MGM - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Salt-N-Peppa - Yo MTV

 Sammy Cahn - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Saving Wild Mustangs Triage Entertainment

 Scion Dealerships

 Scorpions - MTV News

 Shark Island - MTV The Week In Rock 

 Shep Gordon - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Skid Row - MTV News

 Sony Studio Chairman - CEO  / Glamour Magazine

 Spring Break Down SNL Productions

 Stacey Keatch - Wrap Arounds - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Star John Book Signing

 Stephanie Mills - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Steven Via - MTV News

 Stolen Money Orders - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Stolen Playboy Video Tapes - Missing Rewards - 4 Point Entertainment 

 Sugar Shane Mosley - CF Entertainment

 Suicidal Tendencies - MTV News

 Super Model Imon - CF Entertainment

 Surfing Circuit - Sunday Productions  BBC (PAL)

 Suzanne Pleshette - Intimate Portrait / Ray Sharkey - VH1

 Robert Downy Sr. 

 Rocky Horror Picture Show -15th Anniversary

 Shelly Long - New World Television 


 Skip Stephenson - HBO Comedy

 Sons and Daughters

 Stacy Arthur 1991 Playmate - Trikilis Productions

 Stan Getz - Tiburon Productions,  A & M  Records

 Starlight Hospital Children Program

 Step Kid

 Tear Downs - Mansion’s of Beverly Hills - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

 Ted Nugent - MTV Headbanger's Ball

 Teen Choice Awards 2004

 That 70's Show - Promo Last Show

 The Law Firm - Reality show - NBC

 The Man Show - Comedy Central 

 The Ship - The History Channel 

 The Ventures 

 Tracey Chapman - MTV News The Boy's - One Heart Corp

 The Fanelli Boy's 

 The Time - Sam Riddle Productions

 Tom Cruise - Tiburon Productions 

 Totally Hidden Video - Premore Productions

 Ultimate Revenge - Hidden Camera - Woody Frasier Productions

 USA Fitness - Sunday Productions  BBC (PAL)

 USA Sport Shoes - Activate Productions BBC (PAL)

 VH1 - Promo's

 Vince Edwards - Lifestyles of the Rich & Valentine

 Vanessa Williams

 Vixon’s - Female big hair Rock band - Album Party, A&M Records

 What Are The Odds  - Woody Frasier Productions

 White Snake - MTV Rockumentary

 William Shatner

 Working Trash

 Wild and Crazy Kids - Woody Frazier / Nickelodeon

 Will and Grace - Liston Productions

 Windy City Heat - Comedy Central 

 Your Private Island Sitka Alaska  / Fine Living Network 

 Your Private Island - Italy, Rome, Salina Island, Pana Rea Island, Havar, Croatia

 Your Private Island - South Andros Island, Bahamas

 Your Private Island - San Juan Island, Washington


Commercials : Production Sound Mixer - Video Assist  

 Alpine Car Stereos - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Baby Heather Doll - Mattel Toy's Incorporated

 Baskin-Robins - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Cal Salad Dressings - October Productions 

 Catalina Island Business' - JB Productions

 Department of Water and Power - Show Reel International

 Desert Inn Hotel - Show Reel International

 Honda Motorcycle Safety - AT & Cosmo Incorporated

 IZUZU - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Kraft Barbeque Sauce

 Cinema Video Center Incorporated

 Leisure Resorts - Show Reel International

 Lucky Supermarkets - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Mazda - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Mid State Banks - October Productions 

 Oldsmobile - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Pacific Bell Yellow Pages - Show Reel International

 Provident Insurance - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Santa Barbara Chevrolet Dealership - October Productions 

 Shakey Pizza Restaurants - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Silver Editions - October Productions 

 Sincerely Yours - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Snap Fix-a-Flat - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Southern California Honda Dealership - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 The Broadway - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 The New York Daily News - Livingston 5 Inc. 

 Tony & Tina's Wedding - Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. 



Music Videos - Playback - Video Assist

  Dragonfly -7 Musical Featured Acts - Amethyst  Productions   

  Bet-Z - Feeding Frenzie Productions

  Cowboy's of the Night 

  How to Ballroom Dance Video - Creative Edge Productions

  Demarr & Tapp - Sussman Productions

  Ecstasy - Gonna Take This Town By Storm 

  Nitro - Feeding Frenzie Productions

  Robe - Turn on the Moon - 2000 A.D. Records

  Superstar - musical - Poor Robert Productions

  The King Bee's - Brass Ball Productions

  The Right Stuff  - Vanessa Williams - Creative Edge Productions




A Stranger Lives Next Door - D. Weiss Productions / A.F.I.

Disney Imagination - J.M. Mathis Productions  / Disney Productions

Down To Earth - Viddette Shine Productions /  U.C.L.A.

Hot House Flowers - St. Gates Productions

Smokeless Tobacco - Dixie Capp Productions / Disney Productions

The Great O'Grady - Chanticleer Films

The Herald Angel Sings - Steve Anderson Productions / U.C.L.A.

The Secret Mission - Singh Productions


 Industrials : ENG Audio

 9 Ball Championships - Ken Whitetrack Productions

 Back to the Future and Back - Universal Studios

 Penn Corp Financial

 Bosco Printer - Delicious Productions

 1991 - 1992 L' Chaim to Life Telethon - Chabad House

 Larry Hagman Stop Smoking Lorimar Home Video Productions

 R.P. Golf Tournament - R.P. International 

 Retina Pigementosus Telethon - R.P. International 

 S.M.C. - Delicious Productions

 American Savings & Loan - Adams & Associates 

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Hidden Camera, Music Video's, Reality, Industrials, Travel, Fashion, PSA's, 
Time Laps, Infomercials, Internet Content, Website Designs, Webisodes, 
Power Point Presentations, Crew's, Equipment, and all other video production needs.


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